Automating Workflows with Smart Forms: A Case Study

Learn how Church Media Squad improved their operations with smart Fillout forms.

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This is an interview with Josh Sorenson from Church Media Squad, a Salt Lake City-based organization that help churches nationwide with graphic design services. Church Media Squad has team members in 5 continents, 9 countries and 20 US states. They’ve been a Fillout customer since the start of 2023.

Background and Challenges

What challenges did you encounter with data intake before using Fillout?
We found that our previous forms were quite siloed from the rest of our systems. They could push data, but didn’t effectively extend our system’s capabilities. They mainly acted as triggers without the ability to read live data. Any data they required had to be fed through URL parameters, which required manual updates whenever the information changed.
Did you explore or use any other form builder solutions before deciding on Fillout?
Yes, we used Paperform for years and also tried Tally, Typeform, among four or five other form builders over time. If they integrated with Airtable, they only had write capabilities; none could read from the database which limited their utility. We also encountered issues with the tidiness of the data being fed into systems like from our previous form builders. However, with Fillout, the read and write capabilities to Airtable, along with clean output from user responses, significantly improved our data management.

Deciding on Fillout

How did you first hear about Fillout?
I initially discovered Fillout through a post on Twitter, although we didn’t start using it regularly until about six months later.
What specific features or benefits of Fillout were most compelling for your needs?
For us, the standout feature of Fillout has been the ability to pull in information from our database using just a single ID, transforming our request form system into an automated process. This feature allowed us to match views to accounts effortlessly, something we had not been able to do before. This also means our forms can adapt in real-time based on user input or our specific needs.
Church Media Squad embeds various Fillout forms on their main marketing site, to collect leads and book sales calls.
Church Media Squad embeds various Fillout forms on their main marketing site, to collect leads and book sales calls.

Implementation and Use

How was the implementation process for Fillout? Were there any challenges?
The implementation process was smooth. Whenever there was something I didn’t fully understand, their team was there to provide support. They've become like an extension of our team, enabling us to achieve things with forms I wouldn’t have dreamed of a year ago.
Who are the primary users of Fillout within your organization?
The primary users of Fillout within our organization are our clients. We cater to media production needs of clients of varying sizes in the Church space. In the first six months, we received over 20,000 submissions through our forms.
Have you used advanced features in Fillout and if so, which ones?
We have created a project request form that reads data from our Airtable to provide updated plan information, streamlining the submission process for clients. Internally, we utilize Fillout forms embedded in our dashboard, automating certain inputs and saving time for our team. The advanced features of Fillout have allowed us to build systems within Fillout itself, reducing the need for additional tools like Make or Zapier.
Church Media Squad’s Project request form, built with Fillout
Church Media Squad’s Project request form, built with Fillout

Fillout + Stripe Integration

How do you use the integration between Fillout and Stripe?
We use the integration between Fillout and Stripe for processing subscription purchases. This integration has improved the user experience for our clients and has been cost-effective due to lower transaction rates compared to other providers.
What was the integration process like?
The integration process was straightforward, involving just a login and adding a page to my form.
How has this feature impacted Church Media Squad?
This feature has enabled us to streamline our onboarding process further, providing a quicker transition for our users from signing up to using the product.

Results and Metrics

Have you observed an increase in form submissions or client engagement since implementing Fillout?
Operational efficiencies have been a significant gain for us. With Fillout, we have automated the process of adding and removing users from our ClickUp system, saving approximately 2-3 hours of work time per week.
While we are still in the process of rolling out some of our systems, we anticipate saving substantial amounts of time, both for ourselves and our clients, as we implement Fillout more extensively. The reduction in duplicate data entry not only improves data accuracy but also enhances client satisfaction and retention.

Future Plans and Recommendations

Are there any new ways you're planning to use Fillout in the near future?
We plan to set up a settings panel for our users by embedding forms into a Glide Apps interface. We have already implemented this internally and look forward to extending this to our users, which we anticipate will be another game-changer.
Would you recommend Fillout to other organizations facing similar challenges? Why or why not?
I would highly recommend Fillout to other organizations facing similar challenges. The product, coupled with exceptional support, provides a level of customization and logic in form-building that is unparalleled. It has greatly enhanced our clients' experience, making them feel like the forms were tailor-made for them, which is incredibly gratifying.