7 Top Google Forms Templates

Discover the best free Google Forms templates to streamline your data collection process. Ideal for teachers, business owners, or event organizers, these templates will enhance your workflow efficiency.

7 Top Google Forms Templates
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Even if you've never created a Google Form, you've almost certainly filled one out. It was and still remains one of the most popular web tools for creating surveys, feedback forms, lead generation questionnaires, and more. In this article, we'll go through the top seven free templates for Google Forms.
  1. Event Registration Form
  1. Customer Feedback Form
  1. Find a Time Form
  1. Job Application Form
  1. Order Form
  1. Course Evaluation Form
  1. Contact Information Form

1 Event Registration Form

An event registration form is used to collect the contact information and preferences of attendees who are planning to participate in an event. This typically includes their name, contact number, email, dietary restrictions, preferred time slot, and special requests. This template helps organizers plan and execute an event successfully.
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Some events require a fee for attending. Currently, Google Forms does not have a built-in feature for accepting payments. If you need a form builder that integrates with native payment tools like Stripe, look into Fillout forms and their free native scheduling tool for Google Calendar.
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2 Customer Feedback Form

Popular among businesses of all types, a customer feedback form is used to gather feedback from customers regarding their experience with a product, service, or event. It often includes questions about quality, satisfaction levels, areas for improvement, and comments or suggestions. This template allows establishments to enhance their strengths and improve on their weaknesses.
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Google Forms let you collect ratings using a linear scale. To create forms with star rating, ranking, and opinion scale, take a look at Fillout forms.
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3 Find a Time Form

A find a time form is created to schedule meetings or appointments between two individuals or a group of attendees. It lets attendees indicate their availability or preferred dates and times. This makes it easier for organizers to settle on a schedule without the back-and-forth emails and calls.
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With Google Forms, you can tick your preferred available time slots. If you are looking for a flexible form that includes a native calendar scheduler, use Fillout Scheduling. This integrates seamlessly with Zoom, Google Calendar, and mobile phone apps.
Learn more about Fillout Scheduling here.

4 Job Application Form

One of the most popular types of form templates, a job application form is used to gather essential information from applicants and ask them pre-interview questions. These include questions about educational background, work experience, contact details, and more. This template makes it easier for the hiring staff to gauge which candidates are better suited for the role that they are hiring for.
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Google Forms allows you to request for basic information and questions, however you cannot add a CAPTCHA button, signature field, or automatically transfer their answers to a PDF. For more powerful job application forms, check out Fillout forms.
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5 Order Form

An order form is created by businesses to allow customers to easily place an order. This often includes fields for the customer to select which products they want to buy, specify the quantity, add any special requests, and put their shipping information. Having an online order form simplifies the ordering process and fulfillment for both customers and businesses.
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Most businesses require payment before an order is made or dispatched. Payment cannot be done within the Google Forms web tool. However, you can choose between order form templates at Fillout as they integrate seamlessly with Stripe.
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6 Course Evaluation Form

A course evaluation form is used by educational institutions to gather feedback from students about a course they’re taking or have completed. It typically includes fields for students to rate the instructor’s effectiveness, clarity of the course materials, and more. Collecting feedback through an evaluation form helps educators identify areas of strength and those that need improvement.
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Google Forms let you rate using a linear scale or a multiple choice grid. To make forms with advanced rating fields like star rating, ranking, and opinion scale, check out Fillout forms.
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7 Contact Information Form

Used by organizations to collect contact details from individuals, a contact information form includes fields for the person’s name, email, contact number, mailing address, and any other relevant additional information. Using this type of form simplifies the process of gathering essential details that can be easily accessed and stored for future communication
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While Google Forms can be used to create a basic contact form, more advanced features are available through platforms like Fillout, which can integrate with CRM systems for more efficient data management and follow-up.
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Google Forms enables users to easily make forms for different types of purposes. It is a free tool that helps collect feedback, contact information, and more. However, there are still limitations when it comes to essential features, such as native payment and scheduling features, and advanced customizable fields. To create powerful and customizable forms, visit Fillout forms.
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