Create forms with style

Fillout's form designer is now available! Easily build a stylish form that matches your company's brand with just a few clicks.

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Fillout's form designer is now available! Easily build a stylish form that matches your company's brand with just a few clicks.

Get started

To get started,  and click on the pen to open the form designer.
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Fillout comes with dozens of pre-built themes. Click on any theme in the form designer to get a live preview of what your form will look like.
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Make your own theme

Fillout's form designer makes it easy to build your own theme. You can change:
  • 🎨 Background colors
  • Custom fonts
  • 🖍 Question and answer colors
  • Form position (with banner image, image background, image to the side, and more)
  • ⚖ Text size ️
  • Primary color (border color for inputs, default color for buttons and other primary elements)
  • And much more!
Fillout automatically adjusts your form to match the colors you choose. This means you get the flexibility of customizing your form with minimal effort.

Share themes across your organization

If you make a custom theme, it'll automatically be available in the form designer for all your other forms. Use shared themes to keep a consistent look and feel across all the forms in your account.
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Dominic Whyte

Written by

Dominic Whyte

Fillout co-founder