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Powerful forms for Mailchimp
Add and update contacts in your email lists. Connect Fillout forms and Mailchimp.
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Watch Antony build a powerful Mailchimp form in minutes.

Common workflows

Populate your Mailchimp lists with a modern form
Conditionally add tags to new Mailchimp contacts
Add audience fields to Mailchimp subscribers based on form responses
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Build any form with Fillout.

Choose from 40+ flexible question types to make the form you need. Then, connect your form to Mailchimp.
Calendly, Chili Piper,
File uploads
Securely collect documents
Email address
Work or personal
Mailing address input
Autocomplete with the Google Maps API
Collect phone numbers
Domestic or international
Verify human respondents

From the blog

See how industry experts use Fillout + Mailchimp.

Built for Mailchimp

Fillout is a natural extension of the Mailchimp platform.

Conditional tags

Add tags conditionally based on a contact's form inputs.

View partial submissions

Monitor partial submissions and follow up with your leads, automatically.

Advanced conditional logic

Show, hide and validate fields based on user input and other conditions.

Add audience fields

Create and update the audience fields you already have in Mailchimp.

Update existing contacts

If a contact already exists, update their details instead of creating a new contact.

Advanced analytics and attribution

Easily track form views, submissions, drop-offs and conversion rates.

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Connect Mailchimp and Fillout

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform designed to help small businesses. Integrate Fillout with Mailchimp to automatically send new leads, customers, and subscribers to your mailing lists. Organize your contacts by tagging them with custom fields.