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Whether it's student registration, feedback, or course applications, these templates cater to various educational needs.

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What are education forms and when are they used?
Education forms are templates tailored for academic and educational settings. They are commonly used for student registrations, course enrollments, feedback collection, assignment submissions, and various other academic processes. These forms help institutions and educators organize information and communicate effectively with students.
How can I customize Fillout's education forms to match my institution's branding?
With Fillout, you can easily customize the look and feel of your education forms. You can add your institution's logo, adjust colors, and modify form fields to align with your branding and specific requirements. This ensures a consistent experience for students and staff interacting with the forms.
Can I use Fillout's education forms for both online and offline educational activities?
Absolutely! Fillout's education forms are versatile and can be used for a variety of educational activities, whether they're conducted online or offline. You can share the forms via email, embed them on your website, or even print them out for in-person use.