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Create powerful forms, surveys, and quizzes with Fillout with a few easy steps.

Build a form in minutes

Sign up

Sign up here using any email or your Google account. If you already have an account, you can login here.
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Choose a form type

Choose where you want to store form responses. On your home page, click + New form , then choose between the three below.
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If you’re unsure about which to use, choose Blank form. You can always connect to an integration later like Airtable or Notion.

Pick a theme

Choose a style for your form by clicking Theme. You can pick from one of the pre-made themes or customize your own theme later.
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Add your questions or fields

Click or drag and drop your desired field types from the left-hand panel. Choose between over 40 different types.
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Then, enter the text and edit it in-line. Click its settings icon to customize it.

Publish your form

Once everything's good to go, press Publish.
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You will receive a link you can share on social media, via email, or wherever you want to make your form available. You can also embed your form on any website.
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To view form submissions, head over to results.

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