View responses

View all submissions/responses to your form. Use filtering and sorting to find a specific response or export to CSV.

To view form submissions, navigate to the “results” tab:
notion image


Click on the “filter” option to filter results:
  • Set a range for submission dates
  • Filter by partial or finished submissions
  • Filter out or see submissions made in preview-mode
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Results table:

Here, you can view all of your submission data.
  • Helpful commands:
    • ⌘ + F, or Ctrl + F while clicking on the grid to search through your entries
    • notion image
    • Ctrl-c or right-click + copy on a cell to copy its contents
    • Double-click any cell to enlarge its contents (for long inputs)
  • Sorting:
    • Click on the menu of any column to sort results by that question. Currently limited to “date” fields, contact to sort by other fields.
    • notion image
  • View any misconfiguration errors:
    • If you, for example, recently changed a field type in your Airtable/Notion database, but forgot to change it in Fillout, you'll get real-time notifications here. Enable error notifications to get notified via email.
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Export Data

  • Click on the download icon in the top right to get all of your responses (respecting the filters applied) in a formatted CSV