View responses

View all submissions to your form. Use filtering and sorting to find a specific response or export to CSV.

How to view submissions

Open your form, and go to Results. Here, you can view all of your submission data in a table format.
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To view individual submissions, read through here.
You can also sort responses by hovering over a column header, followed by clicking the dropdown icon.
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Note: Sorting is currently applicable for date fields only, but you can contact if you need to sort other fields.

⌨️ Shortcuts

  • ⌘ + F or Ctrl + F while clicking on any cell to search through your entries
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  • ⌘ + C or Ctrl + C on a cell to copy its contents
  • Double-click any cell to enlarge its contents (helpful for long inputs)

Misconfiguration errors

Fillout's form builder also alerts you of any misconfiguration errors. For example, you recently changed a field type in your Airtable/Notion database, but forgot to change it in Fillout. You'll get real-time notifications on the Results page.
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Click or the info icon to view the error message.
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You can also enable error notifications to get notified via email.

How to filter submissions

Click Filter to narrow responses based on a specific preference.
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Use filters to:
  • Set a range for submission dates and times
  • Look up which respondents selected a specific option
  • Look up a submission by its ID
Good to know: Submissions made in preview mode are already included in your form's results page.

How to export submissions

Click on the download icon in the top right to export all of your responses in a formatted CSV respective of the filters.
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How to search for a submission

Simply type a keyword on the search bar, then press Enter on your keyboard.
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