Field types

With Fillout, you can use over 40 different question or field types to make your forms.

How to add a field

Simply click or drag and drop your chosen field type from the left-hand panel, then enter your question.
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Each field is highly customizable. Just click on any field followed by its settings icon. Then, edit it on the right hand-panel.
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Add supporting details to your field like labels, make it required, set up conditional logic, and do other customizations.

List of field types

Field type
Short answer
Collect a single line of text response from respondents.
Multiple choice
Present respondents with a list of choices to select only one option from.
Email input
Collect an email address from respondents.
Display a block of text on a webpage.
Display a heading in the largest size.
Display a formatable block of text in a paragraph format.
Present respondents with a list of options in a dropdown menu format.
Allow respondents to select an image from a predefined set of options.
Present respondents with a list of options to choose from, with the ability to select multiple options.
Present respondents with a toggle switch to turn an option on or off.
Present the user with a yes or no question, like a terms of service agreement checkbox.
Present respondents with a list of options to choose from, with the ability to select multiple options.
Record picker
Allow respondents to select a record from a predefined set of options. This field can only be used in forms connected to a database like Airtable and Notion.
Time picker
Collect a time value from respondents.
Date picker
Collect a date value from respondents.
Date time picker
Collect a date and time value from respondents.
Date range
Collect a start and end date from respondents.
Allow respondents to rate an attribute using a star rating system.
Allow respondents to select a value from a range using a sliding control.
Allow respondents to express their opinion on a topic using a predefined scale.
Long answer
Collect a longer text response from respondents, such as a paragraph or more.
Collect a password from respondents.
Display a banner image or message on a webpage.
Signature ๐Ÿ’Ž
Allow respondents to provide a signature or free-form written input.
Captcha ๐Ÿ’Ž
Present respondents with a challenge to prove they are human and not a bot.
Collect geographic location coordinates from respondents.
Display the progress of the form using a visual bar.
Display a logo image.
Allow respondents to toggle the display of a section of content on your form.
Display a horizontal line to visually separate content on your form.
Display an image or GIF on your form. Upload an image or choose from a gallery of images.
Display a video on your form.
PDF Viewer ๐Ÿ’Ž
Display a PDF document on your form.
Collect a mailing address from respondents.
Phone number
Collect a phone number from respondents.
Collect a numerical value from respondents.
Currency ๐Ÿ’Ž
Collect a currency value from respondents.
Calendly ๐Ÿ’Ž
Integrate with the Calendly scheduling service to allow respondents to schedule appointments or meetings via your form.
Color picker
Allow respondents to select a color from a predefined set of options or using a color picker interface.
Add a fill again button to let your respondents fill out your form multiple times. Only available on ending pages.
Collect a grid of selections from corresponding rows and columns from respondents.
Collect a ranking of options from respondents.
Premium Field: Question types with this symbol are available to users in the Starter, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans. If you are on the Free plan, the pop-up below will show up for these fields.
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