Make dynamic forms that adapt and adjust based on a respondent's input. Show or hide questions, modify page logic, add calculations, combine forms using logic, and more.

Form Logic lets you create dynamic forms that adapt based on respondent input. With Logic, you can show only relevant questions for each respondent. No need for them to skip unnecessary questions.
For example, let’s make a fulfillment order form that handles either delivery or pick-up.

Where logic can be applied

Use page logic in surveys

In a survey, certain questions may only be relevant based on the respondent's previous answers. By editing the page logic, you can skip unnecessary questions, presenting a more focused and tailored survey experience.

Set conditional fields in application forms

Application forms often have fields that are only applicable to specific scenarios. Logic can be used to show or hide these fields based on the respondent's input.

Give dynamic feedback in quizzes

In a quiz, you can use logic to provide dynamic feedback based on the respondent's answers. For example, if a respondent selects a wrong answer, you can display specific feedback or redirect them to a relevant section for further learning.

Automated calculations in order forms

Order forms often involve calculations like pricing, discounts, and taxes. By incorporating logic, you can automate these calculations based on the respondent's inputs, ensuring accurate and efficient order processing.