Answer piping: Reference previous form answers

Base logic in form fields on previous answers or use them to personalize your form with answer piping.

In many places in Fillout, you may notice a blue (+) button. This lets you reference
  • previous form inputs
  • URL parameters
  • dates (e.g. "today", "a month from now", etc.)

Referencing from the blue (+) buttons

Whenever you see this blue (+), you can reference a previous form input by pressing the button and hitting "Continue" on the page you'd like to reference from:
notion image
Then, we can press "Insert" on any of the fields we'd like to reference:
notion image

Referencing in field logic

To base show/hide logic for fields on previous form inputs, we can click the "Logic" section on a field and "Set conditional logic." Here, every time we click "Pick reference", the same menu/dropdown as above will be visible. Click here for more details.

Referencing in headings/question labels

To reference previous form inputs in plaintext in the form, we can type "@" in a form field to show the reference menu as above:
notion image
Once inserted, you can always hover over the blue tag to see a more full description of what you inserted.