Conditionally hide fields

Set conditional logic to show and hide fields based on prior inputs, URL parameters or external data. Make dynamic forms based on your respondents' answers.

What is conditional logic

Conditional logic is a dynamic feature that adjusts form content based on responses, enhancing user experience and data relevance. Implementing conditional logic can lead to more personalized forms, empowering businesses to gain more accurate and nuanced insights.

Video tutorial


Hide a question based on a condition

You can show or hide any Fillout question or field based on conditional logic. Click on the question you want to hide, then open the Logic section on the right-hand panel.
notion image
Click Set conditional logic to + Add condition. You can make a condition based on:
  • Previous form inputs
  • URL parameters (e.g. source = Facebook or Google)
  • Data from an integration
  • Date information (e.g. 5 days from today)
For example, here we show a question when a user has checked a checkbox saying that they have a date to provide and when they have provided a date after tomorrow.
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Hide always

Toggle the Hide always switch to always hide a question or field. This is useful for pre-filling questions that you don’t want your users to change.
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