Add advanced form logic with condition groups

Use condition groups to show, hide and validate question fields based on multiple conditions at once. Use nested logic to encode any condition you need in your form.

Show or hide a question based on a condition group

You can use group conditional logic to define multiple conditions when showing, hiding or validating fields.
To add a condition group:
  1. Click on the question or field you want to hide
  1. Open Logic Section
  1. Click on Add Condition Group
notion image


Example using the and function:
Here all 3 conditions must be true before for a field to be show. Namely, the user must answer “Yes!” when asked if they have an existing appointment, the Date must be on or before Tomorrow and only for Consultation reason.
notion image
Example using the or function:
Here a question will be shown if the user answered with 1, 2, 3 OR 4 stars.
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Nested conditions

You can even nest conditions. In the example below, a field will be shown if the city is Paris OR if the country is neither France nor England
notion image