Styling & Branding

Style your form with customizable themes, multimedia elements like images or GIFs and custom fonts. Establish a coherent brand identity by adding your logo, using a custom domains, matching your brand’s colors and more.

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Styling tips for a strong brand identity

Choose an appropriate color scheme

When selecting colors for your form, make sure they match your organization’s brand and are easy on the eyes. You can choose from a variety of color schemes in our form builder, or create your own.

Add your logo

Adding your logo to your form is a great way to reinforce your branding. You can upload your logo to our form builder and easily add it to your form.

Customize your font

Customizing your fonts can also help amplify your brand. You can choose from a variety of fonts in our library, or upload your own custom font.

Use custom URLs

Our form builder allows you to use your domain in your form links. You can either use a domain or subdomain.