Set Your Availability in Fillout Scheduling

How to customize when people can book events on your Fillout Scheduling forms

Fillout Scheduling includes two ways to manage your availability: In the scheduling form editor, and in your Fillout dashboard.
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In the Fillout Dashboard, select the Scheduling tab on the top toolbar, then click the Availability tab on the left sidebar. Fillout Scheduling by default will show you available from 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday, in your default timezone. Edit each day’s availability individually, or click the + button beside a day to split your availability and leave a buffer for a lunch break, for example.
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The same settings can be tweaked while building a new scheduling form. In the form editor, click the Availability tab, then click the Working Hours button to tweak the times when you can take meetings.
You cannot change availability for a specific date, so if you need a unique schedule on one day this week for example, either block that day off in your Google Calendar or edit that day of the week in Fillout’s availability then tweak it back to your standard schedule next week.
Note that Fillout Scheduling shares availability across all of your scheduling forms. If you edit your availability either in the Fillout dashboard or in an individual scheduling form, those changes will be reflected on all of your scheduling forms.