Create a Fillout Scheduling Form

Build a new Fillout Scheduling form or add a booking form to an existing Fillout form

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There are two ways to create a Fillout Scheduling form. You can create a standalone Scheduling form from the Scheduling tab in the Fillout dashboard.
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Or, you can add a Scheduling page to an existing Fillout form to let form respondents book a meeting from inside of a form that contains other fields or questions.
Each scheduling form lets respondents book a single meeting length. If you would like to offer multiple meeting lengths or other meeting options, you can create separate Fillout Scheduling forms for each meeting type and either share them individually, or offer them in a form with page logic to route respondents to different scheduling pages meeting type.

Create a standalone Fillout Scheduling form

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To create a standalone Fillout Scheduling form, click the Scheduling tab in the top toolbar of Fillout’s dashboard, then click the + Scheduling Form button.
Add a meeting title and select a meeting duration or enter a custom meeting length in minutes. Optionally, you can also set a default meeting location for an in-person or phone meeting, or connect your Zoom or Google Meet accounts to automatically add a video call link to your meetings.
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Then, name your Scheduling form. Click Publish to copy a link and share your scheduling form with the default options.
Or, customize your Scheduling form from the toolbar on the left.
  • General settings include the event name, meeting duration, and location options that you set when creating the form, along with a rich text description to add details about your event.
  • Availability settings let you set your working hours (9AM-5PM, Monday to Friday by default), set a minimum notice in hours, set a buffer before and after events in minutes, and limit bookings to a rolling number of days into the future or to a specific date range.
  • Advanced settings let you pre-fill respondent name and email from other form pages or with URL parameters, and customize your time slot increments.
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By default, your Scheduling form will include a first page to select a date and time slot, and a Confirmation page to thank them for their booking. Click the Confirmation page tab along the bottom of the screen to customize the response message. Or, to gather more information from respondents and optionally charge for events with a Stripe-powered payment page, click the + Add Page button to insert additional pages before or after your scheduling page.

How to add a Scheduling Form to a standard Fillout form

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Fillout’s core form editor also includes an option to add a Scheduling form page to any form. Click the + Add Page button, select Scheduling, and choose the Scheduling with Google Calendar button to add Fillout Scheduling to your form. You’ll get the same options as in standalone Fillout Scheduling forms, inside your multi-page form with your other existing Fillout form questions.
Or, if you already use Calendly or, you can select them and add your existing scheduling form to Fillout.