Round robin scheduling

Efficiently distribute appointments across team members based on availability and priority settings with Fillout Scheduling for free.

What is round robin scheduling

Round robin scheduling allocates appointments among hosts based on availability and priorities, ensuring each host gets equal opportunities and preventing any single host from being overloaded.

Tutorial video

Check out Gareth’s tutorial on Fillout’s round robin scheduling feature.
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How to setup

1. Connect calendars

Each team member has to link their calendar to Fillout. In the Scheduling page, click Calendars on the left-hand panel followed by + Connect calendar and sign in with Google.
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Icons will indicate who has successfully connected their calendars under Settings & Members. Click your Account icon on the lower left corner of the home page to access this.

2. Create the scheduling form

Click Scheduling links on the left-hand panel followed by + Scheduling form. Choose Round robin and select which team members will participate.
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3. Configure event details

Set the meeting title and event duration. You can also customize avatars or use a generic image such as a company logo for the event to maintain brand consistency under display in the left-hand panel.
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That's it! Publish your form and share the link or embed it anywhere.

Managing Priority and Availability

Priority Settings

You can assign priority levels to participants to control the distribution of appointments. Higher priority members are more likely to receive bookings if multiple participants are available at the same time.
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Automatic Assignment

Fillout’s round robin algorithm assigns appointments based on the last scheduled participant to ensure even distribution, provided all conditions of priority and availability are met.

Adjusting Locations and Meeting Details

Define one meeting location or set specific locations or meeting settings for each participant. Choose between Google Meet, Zoom, and more.
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