Event types

Select the event type that best fits your meeting, appointment, or event based on your agenda with Fillout Scheduling.


Fillout Scheduling allows others to book events on your linked Google calendar. There are various types of events that you can choose from:
👤 One-on-one scheduling
Collective scheduling
Round robin scheduling
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The most common type of event, a one-on-one is a meeting between a single host and a single invitee.
Common use cases
  • Coaching session between a coach and an athlete
  • Parent-teacher meetings
  • A job interview between a recruiter and an applicant
  • A financial consultation between a financial advisor and a client
  • Mentoring sessions

Collective meeting

Collective meetings allow a single invitee to schedule events with multiple hosts at once.
Common use cases
  • Alignment calls involving several team members and a manager
  • Panel interviews
  • Training sessions involving multiple trainers and one participant
  • Workshops where one attendee interacts with several facilitators
  • Discovery calls
For more information, check this guide.

Round robin

A round robin assigns events to a single host from a group. The distribution of events is based on the availability and priority settings of the group members.
Common use cases
  • Customer support shifts among team members
  • Sales demos by a team of salespeople
  • Presentation critiques with various experts
  • Medical appointments with various doctors
  • Fitness classes with different instructors
For more information, read this guide.

Edit the event type of an existing form

On the left-hand panel, choose the event type you would like to switch it to from the dropdown.
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