Extract insights from your form responses. Form analytics in Fillout provides a comprehensive overview of your submissions, helping you identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement. See how often people are submitting your form and where they are dropping off.

What it is

The Analytics section displays various metrics about your form, like completion rate, number of submissions, total views per page, and more. You can also see how many completed submissions your forms are receiving per day.

How to view analytics

Select the form you want to analyze. Navigate to the Results tab and click on Analytics.
  • Started submissions refer to the number of respondents who have started to fill out your form.
  • Finished submissions refers to the number of respondents who have finished completing your form and reached an ending page.
  • Completion rate refers to the number of finished submissions divided by started submissions. This percentage represents the number of respondents who completed the entire form.
notion image
The chart above shows the total of number submissions on any given day since you first published the form.

How to check page drop-off rates

Page drop-off rates help you determine if and where respondents are abandoning your forms.
Note: Viewing page drop-off information is available on Fillout's business and enterprise plans.
In the example below, Page 2 has the highest number of drop-offs.
notion image
Drop-off percentage is measured as the total number of views of a specific page against the total number of page submissions.
Tip: Double check form pages with high drop-off rates. To improve your conversion rates, make sure that questions are worded clearly, and that youโ€™re not asking for too much information on a single page.
To view results per respondent, check out this help article.
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