Email notifications

Enable self-notifications to get notified via email when someone submits your form, or encounters an integration-related issue.

To enable self-email notifications for new form submissions, go to the settings tab and press Enable form notifications.
notion image
And pick the email you'd like submission information to be sent to:
notion image
That’s it! You'll now receive an email each time someone submits your form.

Integration error notifications

Sometimes, third-party integrations can have unexpected errors when using them, e.g. their service was down, or took too long to respond. Fillout will always still save the response for those forms, and it can also send you an email with the error that occurred! By toggling "Error notifications", you'll also receive an email anytime an error occurs.

Send custom emails to respondents

You can send custom emails to respondents when they submit your form! Learn how to do that in this guide