Get a quick and comprehensive overview of all your form responses. Visualize respondent submissions as a pie chart or bar chart.

A snapshot of your form responses

Head to the Results tab once you’ve started collecting form submissions. Click on Summary to see the answers to all your form’s questions.
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You can view the rest of the responses by scrolling in each section. Answers are sorted by recency, with the most recent answers at the top of each section. Under the question text, you will find the total number of respondents who answered each question.
For free-form responses, click on or the three vertical dots followed by View response to see the respondent's full submission.
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Here, you'll find all the responses for that respondent, like their name and contact details provided it was asked in your form. You can also check if there are unanswered questions.
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You can also delete unnecessary submissions from here.

Visualize your data

It's not just about numbers and text. Fillout helps you spot trends across your survey results.
Questions with repeated responses are summarized with a bar chart.
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If you prefer to visualize your data with a pie chart, just toggle the Pie chart switch.
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Print a summary of your form responses

Simply click the print icon to get a hard copy of the summary.
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