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The power of #nocode is real! Airtable forms just got way better with Fillout. Make your forms stand out while making it easier for you to automate your work. 🤩 #nocode
Gareth profile
Gareth Pronovost
Automation Consultant
We've deployed Fillout to our teams in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Thailand with great success. It's proven to be more reliable than other tools, especially in remote areas.
Jason profile
Jason H.
CEO, Biochar Life
I had the pleasure of discovering Fillout and this tool is incredible! As a heavy user of Airtable, I was looking for something robust in forms to integrate into my Softr front end and it works perfectly. They've done a great job integrating with Airtable! And the features are great!
Sebastien profile
Sébastien Rade
Designer, no-coder
If you want an actual form where people/yourself can add & edit records you should try fillout.com. I’ve been using it for a bit and it’s great.
Jack profile
Jack Simons
Better customer support than my favorite restaurant in Nogales, Mexico.
Derrick profile
Derrick D.
Founder, Home Health
It's exactly what I was looking for. I built a multi-page form for my business in no time.
Arionna profile
Arionna R.
Founder, Syfted
Great product. Way better AND more affordable than Typeform.
Jake profile
Wow, just took this for a test drive and it's really good! Love the ability to update content in Airtable.
Mike watson profile
Mike W.
Owner, Bureau Plus
Really Impressed by @filloutcom. If you are using #Airtable and feeling restricted or disappointed with the forms, check them out!
Jason profile
Fillout UX is very smooth, support blazing fast, record picker and preview, webhook and conditional logic are available. I can only recommend to try it out!
Ricardo profile
App Architect
I just launched our new quote form using Fillout w/ airtable - the product is terrific and by far the best solution for us out of all the other forms i've tried (typeform, jotform, etc.). I'm really thrilled about how much this will help our processes.
Daniel profile
Daniel Magorrian
We're using a combination of Fillout -> Airtable -> Glideapp and it's been an absolute gamechanger for our non-profit organisation.
Steffen profile
Steffen Gray
So far, amazing! I used this for both Airtable and Notion and I'm blown away by the customization capability for even the FREE version.
Brie profile
Brie Abes
The best Notion integration with forms I have ever seen
Pere profile
Technology Headhunter
Amazing. Definitely one of my favorite apps to use along with Airtable and Make.
Nate profile
Nate Sanden
Where was @filloutcom when I was stringing together dependent drop-downs with Jotform/On2Air?! Will be switching over.
Saintly profile
Saintly Actor
I have been using Fillout forms for over 3 months and love the product. Their customer support is very very top.
Jonathan profile
Jonathan Pineda
I haven't been this enthusiastic about a tool since Airtable 5 years ago 😀
Celine profile
Celine Delval
NoCode Engineer
Just wanted to say how happy I am with Fillout at the moment. I'm using Fillout with Notion, it all works so flawlessly. Very impressed with the setup!
Dagmar profile
Dagmar Mehling
Notion consultant
Been using the app for a few weeks... VERY impressed. Have not found anything I want to do and can't - even on the free version. Customer support is always responsive and helpful. 👍
Dave profile
Dave Ferguson
OMG!!!!! This is Godsend! Fillout eliminated about 10 work around for me as well as solved issues we couldn't solve. We are changing over today. It's almost to good to be true.
Tommy profile
Tommy Coe
Hace un tiempo armé mi primera encuesta con @filloutcom y me encantó poder armarlas al estilo "Elige tu propia aventura", según las opciones que elegías, las preguntas que veías 🤯
Maro profile
Maro Sola
Just started using @filloutcom and I'm already super excited about it. took me about three minutes to make a sign up form for my newsletter and hook up responses to post in a private Slack channel
Brittany profile
Brittany Joiner

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