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Here's how it works

Make a quiz in 60 seconds.

1Insert content you want to make a quiz from, e.g. an excerpt from a Wikipedia article.
2Press  Generate Quiz  and test the result!
3Click View quiz to add more questions, change the design and collect responses.

Frequently asked questions

Can I customize the quiz?
Yes. After you create your quiz, click 'View quiz' to add more questions, alter the design and change anything about the quiz, using the full power of the Fillout quiz editor.

Alternatively, you can make a custom quiz from scratch here.
How long can the uploaded text be?
You can make a quiz from text between 350 and 5000 characters long. If you need longer inputs, check out Quiz Maker Pro.

For longer quizzes, take a look at Quiz Maker Pro.
Can I collect emails with my quiz?
Yes. After you create your quiz, click 'View quiz' to add an email question to your quiz (or another other types of form inputs).

How to collects leads with your quiz.
Can I make a form or survey with AI instead?
Yes, check out Fillout's AI form builder or AI survey maker.
Is this free to use?
Yes, AI Quiz Make is free to use. We offer Quiz Maker Pro if you need more advanced features.
Can I share my quiz with others?
Yes, Fillout's AI quiz maker generates a public link that you can share with anyone.