Customize your
Google Form

Turn your Google Form into a Fillout Form to unlock new features, styles and capabilities. It's free and there's no sign up required.

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How to customize your Google Form

How it works

Import your Google Form

Click "Sign in with Google" to import an existing Google Form into Fillout.

Drag and drop to add new questions

You can now customize your form in Fillout, with no sign-up required.

Publish and share your form

Click "Publish" to get a link to your form or embed it on an existing site.

Customize form logic & navigation

Add advanced logic to your Google Forms, like sections, multiple pages and skip logic.

Style your Google Forms

Upgrade the look and feel of your forms with the advanced customization options in Fillout.

Integrate Google Forms with 3rd party tools

Connect your forms with other platforms to automate workflows and keep your tools in sync. Fillout integrates with dozens of popular apps.

Or, build a form from scratch. It's free.

Unlimited forms with 1000 submissions/month. See pricing for details.