Add a ranking question in Google Form

Google Forms doesn't have a direct ranking question type. Import your form to Fillout to add this feature for free.

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Import your Google Form

Click "Sign in with Google" to import your Google Form.


Set up your ranking question

Just drag and drop the ranking question onto your form.


Publish and share your form

Click "Publish" to get a link to your form. That's it!

What is Fillout?

Like Google Forms, Fillout is a form building tool. Fillout includes a lot of additional features, like powerful integrations, templates designed to increase conversions and much more.

Fillout is completely free for up to 1000 submissions/month.
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What can I do with a ranking question in Fillout?

With Fillout, you can ask respondents to compare options by ordering them based on their preferences in a survey or form. Let your users rank a list of items from least to greatest to understand what people are interested in.

Or, start from scratch with Fillout

Unlimited forms with 1000 submissions/month. See pricing for details.