Update existing items on Monday with a form

Create forms that update existing items from Monday, and pre-fills fields with data from your Monday columns.

How it works

1. Switch your form to update mode

Open an existing form. Select Monday from the Integrations tab in the top menu.
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Then click Update item.
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2. Use a formula to specify the record to update

In your Monday table, click + to add an Item ID column. Add another column, and select Formula this time. Copy and paste the formula provided on the Fillout integrations page, then click Set formula.
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You'll now get a formula that defines a unique link for every item in your table.

3. Publish and share your form

That's it! Click Update on the upper right corner. Then, Publish your form and share the link.
Your form is automatically pre-filled for whichever record it is updating.
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You can select which record to update by going to the Preview mode's upper right menu.

Use a custom link to update an item

By default, items get updated by their unique ID. By toggling the Custom link switch, you will be able to choose another way to update your columns on Monday. For example, through Email input.
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Specify a condition

You can run your integration only when a specific condition is met. Check out this guide.

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