Write a static value to an integration

Send a fixed value to Airtable, Notion or another integration for any field, using static values.

In certain cases, you may want to save a fixed value to an integration instead of letting your respondents input answers to a field. For example, you might have a single select field in Airtable or Notion that should always be marked as completed when submitted.

How to use static values (recommend approach)

1. Select your integration

First, navigate to the Integrations tab and click on Airtable or Notion.

2. Map your form fields on Fillout

Go to the Mappings section and define a new mapping for the field you want to save to. In this case, we will choose the Status field.
notion image
Then, select Static value and type whichever value you would like to use. We'll type Finished for this example.
notion image
That’s it! Your form is good to go.

How to use the default value

Another option is to use the default value on the question itself and to enable the Hide always toggle. That way respondents won’t be able to change the value for the question.
notion image
Important: If you’re creating an update form, you’ll need to use the static value approach described above instead.