Connect your form to Linear

Create new issues on Linear with a Fillout form. Set the priority, status, project, and more dynamically based on the form submission.

About Linear

Linear lets you easily create and manage issues, sprints and product roadmaps.

Getting started

If you haven’t already, start by creating a free Fillout account.

1. Link your Fillout form to Linear

On a Fillout form, head to the Integrations tab and look for Linear.
notion image
Click Connect to Linear and authorize Fillout to create issues on your behalf.

2. Configure new issue settings

First, select a team. Reference any fields in your form by clicking the blue + icon or typing @. You can type fixed description for the issue title and issue description, if needed.
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Optionally select the priority, status, and project to create the Linear issue with.

3. Publish and share

Once you’re ready, click Finish setup on the upper right corner and publish your form. Now, you’ll see a new issue created in your Linear workspace every time someone completes your form.
Remember to click Publish after making any further changes.

Create issues based on conditions

You can choose to create certain types of issues when a condition is met. For example, create issues in different projects depending on what respondents specify in the form.
More details here.

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