Login page

The login page type lets you make forms that requires users to login via password, email, or SMS.

Login pages can be used to secure your form behind a password, or ensure that an email someone is providing is valid (and that they own it). To add a login page, click "Add page" at the bottom of the screen and select "Login" in the popup.
Login pages are available starting on the pro plan.
Login pages are available starting on the pro plan.

Adding a login page

Click “Add page” and choose “login”.
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Password login

To add a password login, click the "password" option in the login step settings on the left-hand side, and then hit "Set password":
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Note: remember to publish your form after changing the password! Users will not be able to view your form if they don't know the password.

Email login (for Airtable integration)

If you've connected an Airtable base and table in the "integrations" tab, you can add an email login. This will let users log in with an email that is stored in e.g. a "Users" table in your Airtable base, and will also return the associated user's record to use in the form (e.g. inserting a reference by using the blue pluses around the app). See the video below for more information: