Create workspaces, upgrade your account, change email, and invite users to collaborate on your forms.

Edit account settings

On the Home page, click your Name followed by Settings & Members. Here, you'll see your team members, invites, account plan, and more.
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Change account email

If you want to change the email linked to your account, simply click Manage next to the role of the particular account. Then, edit it to the new email in the pop-up window that will appear.

Upgrade plan

To upgrade your plan, click Billing on the left menu followed by Change plan.
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Key features

Account Upgrade

Upgrade your account to access advanced Fillout features.

Workspace Management

Create and manage workspaces to organize your forms and collaborate with others. You can create separate workspaces for different projects or teams.


Invite users to collaborate on your forms by granting them access to specific workspaces or forms. Control their permissions and decide whether they can view, edit, or manage your forms.