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Course: Better Forms for No-Code

By Dan Leeman
Dan is a co-founder of Automation Helpers and runs a YouTube channel geared at helping organizations streamline their operational processes through no code.
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He also created a course just about Fillout, focused on building e-commerce forms, better interact with linked records, create form calculations, update records with a form, personalizing the path of form respondents and more.

Tutorials by GAP Consulting

By Gareth Pronovost
Gareth is an expert on the power of no-code tools and using them to help business owners automate their workflows. He runs a popular YouTube channel and no-code agency called GAP Consulting.
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Guides by Zack @ InnerDev Solutions

Zack runs InnerDev Solutions and helps organizations of all sizes streamline and simplify workflows & processes. He specializes in tools like Fillout, Airtable, SmartSuite, Make and other no-code platforms.
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Guides by Vince Ertveld @ KreaCity

Vince is a no-code and AI expert based in France. His agency, KreaCity, helps clients level-up their businesses with tools like Fillout, Notion, Make, Airtable, Powerapps and more.
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Guides by Manuel @ Automate House

Manuel is a popular no-code content creator on on TikTok and other social media channels. He also helps businesses modernize their business workflows with his agency, Automate House.
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