Import and export forms between accounts

Import and export forms between different Fillout accounts. This is often useful if you're making a form on behalf of a client.


Step 1: Export the form

From the home page, click on the three dots of the form you want to export and select “Export form”.
notion image
This will download an export of your form.

Step 2: Import the form

On the home page of the new account, click the three dots next to the "New form" button and select Import form:
notion image
Drag and drop the export file from step 1 and press "Create". This will generate a new form based on the imported file.

Step 3: Update connections (if necessary)

If you're importing a form that has a connection to Airtable, Notion or another integration, find each integration in the "integrations" tab. For each integration (e.g. Airtable), click on it and select a new connection.
notion image
And optionally refresh the connection to your integration if some fields are missing or if the table isn't showing up:
notion image
You won't need to set up the field mappings again: just select a new connection.