Reduce form abandonment

Remind respondents who exit your form without submitting to come back with Fillout's Conversion Kit. Also, receive alerts when a respondent doesn't complete your form.

What is form abandonment

Form abandonment occurs when respondents start filling out a form but exit before reaching the last page. When respondents abandon forms, it indicates a lost opportunity for capturing valuable leads or completing transactions. Addressing your page drop-off rate is crucial for improving overall conversion rates, enhancing customer satisfaction, and maximizing business outcomes.

Remind respondents to complete form submissions

On your form's Settings, go to Conversion kit.
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Toggle the Respondent reminders switch. Select an Email to send to by linking an Email field from your form. Next, specify a timeframe for sending the email after a respondent exits your form for Send after.
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Important: You must have at least one email field in your form to use this feature.
You can also modify the default message your respondents will receive by clicking Customize email. Enter the email you'd like for them to Reply to, edit the default Subject, and write your own Message.
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If you'd like to reference their First name or other form field in the email, click + in the Message section to reference it.
Respondents will receive a link to their partial submission, allowing them to Resume submission on any device.
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Receive notifications when a respondent abandons your form

Toggle the Self-email notifications switch. The email linked to your Fillout account serves as the default receiving address. This can be changed by clicking x to delete it and inputting the preferred receiving address.
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You can also add more receiving addresses as you see fit. Lastly, select the time interval for when these notifications will be sent after a respondent leaves your form for Send after.

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