Print a form submission as PDF

Easily generate hard copies of individual respondent submissions in just a few clicks. Make data analysis, sharing, and record-keeping a breeze.

Sometimes, it's not enough to view your form submissions online. See how printing out hard copies of responses allows you to quickly share data internally and keep a copy for your records.

How to print a submission as PDF

Print via Results

Choose the form you want to print responses for, and view its Results. Hover over the response you would like to print, and click on the i icon.
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A pop-up window containing the respondent's answers will appear. Click on the print button to create a hard copy of the submission. Here you can also edit a submission or delete it.
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You can also choose to save the submission as PDF, send in mail, and more.
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You can view more information about the submission, like the current step, browser used, and status, in the Details tab. From here, you can delete a submission, view partial submission progress, and check the submission ID.
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Print via Summary

Go to the form's Summary . Select the specific response that you want to print. Click on or the three vertical dots, then click on View response.
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You'll see a pop-up window containing the respondent's answers to your form. To print, click on the print button.

Where hard copies can help you

Annotate responses

Printing submissions makes it easy to review submission data in a format that works best for you. With hard copies, you can read, highlight, and annotate responses, making data analysis more accessible and convenient.

Share data

Printed copies of individual responses are an easy way to share data with colleagues, stakeholders, or clients. They are a quick and easy way to share insights with those who may not have access to your survey results or prefer physical copies.