Encrypted forms

Enable encryption to automatically encrypt your form responses in Fillout. Generate a public/private key pair or upload your own.


The Fillout Encrypted Forms feature lets you use your own public/private key pair to encrypt submission data. This adds an extra layer of security and cryptographically ensures that only you can access your data. This way, there is no way to decrypt the stored submission data without your private key, which is kept solely in your possession.
Note: Submission data encryption using your own public/private key is available only on the Tier 2 Enterprise plan. Note that on all plans, data in transit is encrypted over HTTPS/TLS between you and Fillout.com's servers and data is encrypted at rest, albeit not with your own public/private key pair.

Are forms secure without the encryption feature?

Yes, security is one of the two non-negotiable priorities at Fillout (platform up-time and reliability being the other one).
Fillout follows industry best practices to keep responses secure. Your data is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, which has state-of-the-art physical access controls, logical access controls, and frequent third-party independent audits. All data in transit is encrypted over HTTPS/TLS between your users and Fillout's servers.
You can learn more about Filloutโ€™s security practices here. Encrypted Forms is intended to provide an additional level of security, depending on your organizationโ€™s needs.

How to enable form encryption

  1. Open the form you want to enable encryption for and head to the Settings tab. Click on Access & security and enable the Encrypt form toggle.
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  1. Choose to have Fillout generate a public/private key pair or upload your own.
  1. Thatโ€™s it. Fillout will encrypt any existing responses you have and will automatically encrypt new responses on a go-forward basis.

How to view my form results

Once you enable encryption for a form, youโ€™ll be required to provide the private key that pairs with the public key used for the form encryption.
  1. Log into your Fillout account and navigate to the form with encrypted responses.
  1. Click on the Results tab. You'll be prompted to enter your private key.
  1. Once the correct private key is entered, the encrypted responses will be decrypted, and you'll be able to view the results.
Important: Ensure your private key is stored securely and do not share it with unauthorized individuals. Only people with access to the private key and access to your Fillout account can view your encrypted form results.

Email response notifications

After you've enabled encryption for a form, be aware that form responses will not be directly visible in email notifications. To view responses, you'll need to log into Fillout and access the responses from there.