Fair use policy

Details on our usage limits, custom plans and how they help us maintain a reliable and efficient service for all Fillout users.

Fillout's website operates on a fair use policy. This policy is designed to ensure the quality and accessibility of our services for all our users, regardless of payment tier. To provide a reliable and affordable service, we need to ensure that usage is kept within reasonable limits to prevent system abuse and maintain fair resource distribution.

Sample scenarios of excessive usage

Collecting large amounts of file uploads on the free tier

For example, uploading over 50 GB of files per month or 300 GB of total storage

Gathering a very large volume of submissions on the business tier

For example, receiving over 500,000 total submissions per month

Sending a very large number of emails on the business tier

For example, sending more than 50,000 emails in one month

What happens if you exceed the limits

If your usage exceeds the fair usage limits, you'll receive a notification via email, prompting you to upgrade your plan or take steps to reduce your usage. If usage continues to exceed the limits without any changes, we may need to temporarily limit or suspend your access to some features of Fillout.
If you expect to have very high usage, reach out to us about a custom Enterprise plan to support your needs.