Track form submissions with Facebook pixels

Add a Facebook pixel to track when users open your form, transition to new pages and submit responses.

A Facebook tracking pixel is a piece of code which can track some user behavior, like when the user opens a webpage. You can add tracking pixels on Facebook business accounts, and then use them in your Fillout forms! Here's how:

Find your pixel ID

First, you can find your pixel ID in your Event Manager. Click on the pixel you want to use, and then copy its ID, which should look like this:
notion image
If you don't yet have a pixel, then you can create one first.
notion image
and input your pixel ID:
notion image
and hit "Connect".
That's it! You have successfully connected your Facebook pixel. Next time someone submits your form with your public form link, you will get events in your Event Manager, which look like this:
If you click on one of the Fillout events which are generated, which should be:
  • Fillout.FormPageViewed
  • Fillout.FormSubmitted
notion image
You will get the option to "View details". Here, in "Recent activities", you can see parameters that were passed to the pixel.
  • content_category = the form unique ID
It can take up to 2-5 minutes for new events to show up in your event manager. So, if you're not seeing events from a newly connected form, wait for a little while and double-check that you're using the correct pixel id.
NOTE: if you need to be GDPR compliant, you will want to display a cookie banner on the form (which can be toggled in the form settings)