Apply a theme to your form

Design your Fillout form to match your brand by selecting from dozens of pre-built themes or creating your own. Customize colors, fonts, sizes, and more.

How to change your form's theme

On your form, click Theme to open the Form designer.
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Select from any of the featured themes in the Form designer or click All themes to view more.
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You can also see themes used in your other forms by clicking My themes from the drop-down menu.
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How to customize your chosen theme

Click Custom theme to modify visual elements, and tailor the theme to your liking.
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Note: This feature is available to Starter users and above. For more details on pricing, click here.
The following are the elements you can customize through the left-hand panel:
  • Questions background text color
  • Primary color of buttons and accents throughout the form
  • Questions text color
  • Answers text color
  • Font style
Good to know: You can choose from any Google font or upload your own font.
Highlight text to change its font size or color.
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  • Logo for a professional and polished look
  • Position or layout of your form
  • Image uploaded or linked to the form
  • Brightness of the image
  • Questions button size
  • Alignment of questions
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