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A petition form is a document or online form that allows people to show their support or opposition for a specific issue by collecting signatures from like-minded individuals.

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Template FAQs

Why create an online petition form?
An online petition is an easy and effective way to reach a large number of people with your message. By using an online petition form, you can collect signatures and show support for your cause quickly and easily. In addition, online petitions are more environmentally friendly than traditional paper petitions, and they can be easily shared on social media to increase awareness and gather more signatures. With our petition form template, you can customize the form to fit your needs and start collecting signatures today.
How does a petition form work?
A petition form is a simple online form that asks for the signer's name, email address, and optionally, their location or other contact information. The form usually includes a brief description of the petition's purpose and goals, and may also include additional fields for comments or feedback. Once a signer submits the form, their name is added to the list of supporters, which can be viewed and downloaded by the petition creator at any time.
Can I customize my petition form?
Yes! Our petition form template is fully customizable, so you can change the wording, colors, and design to match your cause or organization. You can also add additional fields, such as a section for signers to leave a comment or provide more information. You can preview your form as you customize it, so you can see how it will look to signers before you publish it.
How do I promote my petition form?
Promoting your petition form is an important part of gathering signatures and support for your cause. You can share your form on social media, email it to your contacts, post it on your website or blog, and ask others to share it as well. You can also reach out to organizations or influencers that are related to your cause and ask them to promote your petition form to their followers.
Is there a cost to create a petition form?
With our online petition form builder, you can create a basic petition form for free. We offer a range of pricing plans with additional features and options, such as the ability to embed your form on your own website or add custom branding. You can find more information about our pricing plans through

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