Change your form’s language

Easily change the language of your online form with Fillout. Select from dozens of languages and seamlessly communicate with an audience whether they're from your country or outside.

Fillout supports making forms in dozens of languages:
English Arabic Catalan Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Czech Danish French Hebrew
Dutch Filipino German Greek Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean
Norwegian Polish Portuguese Russian Spanish Swedish Turkish Ukrainian

How to change the language of your form

Go to your form's Settings from the top menu, and click Form behavior. Then, select your preferred Language in the dropdown menu.
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That's it! Publish your form and share the link.
Changing the form’s language will affect system messages throughout the form. For example, the text inside the File uploader field type will be changed from Drag & drop a file or upload to Arrastra y suelta un archivo o navega.
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Note: This feature only translates text that you can't manually edit. Questions, button labels, text, and choice labels will remain the same. However, you are free to edit them.