Add e-signatures to your form

Use the signature field type to collect e-signatures on registration forms, petition forms, or any type of approval workflow. Save time organizing and collating data by digitizing your signature flows.

How to add a signature field

Scroll down on the left-side panel to locate the Signature field. Click or drag and drop it onto your form. Then, key in your question or statement.
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Publish your form and share the link to your respondents.
Note: The signature field is available to Starter, Pro, Business, and Enterprise users. To learn more about our pricing plans, click here.
When respondents click on the Add signature button, they'll be prompted to sign in a pop-up window. They can draw their signature, type their name or initials and select a font, or upload an image of their signature.
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After confirming a signature, respondents can still click on the x icon to remove the provided signature.

Common signature workflows

Validate authenticity of a submission

Request e-signatures for your online waivers, non-disclosure agreements, record verification forms, or any workflow that requires verifying the integrity of user-provided data. The signature field is often used to allow respondents to consent and attest to their submission.

Streamline business processes

Increasingly, businesses are using e-signatures to approve employee documents, validate transactions, and kick off employee or vendor onboarding. One way to do this is in Fillout is to include relevant documents in your form with the PDF Viewer field type. This way your respondents can view documents without leaving the form and add their signature with the signature field type.

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