Email your form

Send a form through email to request for submissions, and customize your message. Track form submissions of your recipients.

Video tutorial

How to send your form via email

First, go to the Share page of your form. Click Send form.
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Enter the email addresses of the people whom you would like to send it to. You can also customize the Subject and Message.
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Good to know: You can add up to 100 email addresses. If you need to add more, email
Your respondents will receive a formatted email, based on your form's theme like the one below.
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Track submissions

In the same pop-up window, go to History. Alternatively, you can go back to the Share page and click Track responses. Here, you'll see if a recipient has Not started, is In progress, or has Completed your form.
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You can also click the expand icon next to a recipient's email to see their response summary.
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Automate form sends with Zapier

You can create a Zap to automate emailing forms. After connecting the necessary apps, select a Trigger. In this example, when a user cancels their subscription in Stripe, we'll send a Fillout form, which would be the Action.
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You can customize the Subject and Message in the next window. Click Publish when you're good.
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That's it! Any user who cancels will automatically receive the Fillout form.

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