Add a banner within your form

Add disclaimers and warning signs or draw attention to special features and benefits by adding banners to your forms. Give your respondents a quick heads up or warn them of invalid input or limitations.

How to add a banner to your form

On the left-hand panel of your form, select Banners or drag and drop the field anywhere on your form.
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Note: This help article does not refer to header banners, but rather to banners you can add in your form's body.
Click the banner to change its color and icon. The right-hand panel will appear where you can select the appropriate banner type.
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How to make banners appear only when necessary

For this example, we will show the warning banner only when guests are interested in swimming, based on a question asked at the top of the form. On the right-hand panel, go to Logic, and click on Set conditional logic . Select + Add condition.
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Click on Pick reference followed by the appropriate page. Hover over the question, and press Insert to link it to the banner.
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On the rightmost dropdown, select when you want to show the banner. In this case, we will click on Yes.
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Take note that default is set to Show when and equals, which means a banner will appear when a certain option is selected. Alternatively, you can conditionally hide fields and add condition groups.

Where you can use a form banner

Inform respondents of policies, rules, and potential dangers

Banners are a great way to call attention to information crucial and relevant to what a guest or participant will be doing. This gives respondents a better idea of what to expect out of their experience.

Excite customers and clients with exclusive deals and new features

You can use a banner to draw a respondent’s focus to a particular service or subscription.

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