Ask for location coordinates on your form

Collect accurate location coordinates in your survey or form in a few clicks. Allow users to add their exact address to streamline business processes and workflows.

How to request for location coordinates

Look for the Location coordinates button on left-hand panel of your form. Click this field or drag and drop it to your form.
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Note: This feature is available on Starter, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans. Learn more about our pricing plans and advanced features here.
Type your question and customize the button label by clicking on the settings icon. You can also add a caption if necessary.
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Respondents can add their location coordinates by simply tapping the button.
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Important: Respondents must enable location services on their browser and device in order to input their geographical location.
You can also save location coordinates into a new and existing record on Airtable. Learn how mapping to Airtable, Notion, and other databases work with your Fillout form here.

Common reasons to collect location coordinates

Record the exact address of a respondent

Determine the approximate location of a buyer or business with latitude and longitude coordinates to improve your delivery or pickup service. Collecting a precise location reduces delay in shipment and increases customer satisfaction.

Pinpoint the approximate location of an accident, crime, or other incident

Provide a more thorough report to hospitals and investigators to help identify possible suspects and causes, and prevent similar incidents from occurring again. This can also be helpful in filing for insurance claims.

Commonly used alongside the location coordinate field:

Add a banner within your form
Respondent notification email
Add e-signatures to your form