Enable auto jump on your form

Use Fillout's auto jump feature to let respondents answer your form more quickly. Improve user-experience and increase your form’s conversion rate.

By default, when respondents finish answering a page, they have to click a button to go to the next page. With auto jump, the respondent is automatically redirected to the next page after making a selection, without having to click a button.
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Important: Respondents still need to click the submit button at the last form page to complete the form.

How to use auto jump

Go to your form's Settings, then click Form Behavior. Toggle Auto-jump to the next page.
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Note: This works for form pages with a single question. The following fields are supported: Dropdown, Multiple choice, Picture choice, Opinion scale, and Star rating.
That's it! Publish your form. Now, respondents will no longer need to click a button to proceed to the next page.

How to hide buttons

You can also create forms without buttons if you want respondents to focus only on answering the question. Click the button followed by the settings icon. Under Logic, toggle Hide always.
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Important: You still need to make the button at the last page visible so that respondents can submit your form.

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