Create a lead quiz

Fillout’s advanced logic and email notification features help you generate fun and personalized form outputs, like outcome quizzes.


Lead quizzes are a reliable way to collect relevant contacts for your sales or marketing efforts. They work by asking leads a series of questions and generating a personalized scorecard or recommendation based on the answers.

How to build a lead quiz

Get started here or, from the Fillout dashboard, select the Quizzes tab. Then, click + New Quiz.
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Or, from any form, go to the Settings tab, select the Quiz mode sidebar, and turn on Quiz mode enabled.
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Make sure to turn off Show correct answers after each page to ensure results are only accessible via respondent emails and custom end pages.

Add an email field and quiz questions

Back in the Edit tab of the form, click and drag an Email input field from the left-hand panel (under Contact Info) to the form canvas.
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Tip: Rename each page as you add fields to make it easier to find them when setting up conditions.

Choose correct answers and score values

After adding a quiz question or field to a page, select it and click the Quiz Icon to open the answer key window.
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Add a checkmark next to each correct answer and provide a score value.
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Customize a quiz’s ending page(s)

By default, ending pages for quizzes will calculate and display each respondent’s score. To hide the score total, open the ending page from the page selector at the bottom of the screen, click the score field, and turn off Show quiz score from the right-hand settings menu.
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For lead quizzes that don’t have correct/incorrect answers (e.g. Find out which workout routine is best for your body type), add text and media that is shown only when specific answers were provided throughout the quiz.
Click on any field on an ending page, open the Logic settings, choose the Show when option, and click Edit conditional logic to configure when text or media should be shown or hidden.
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Sometimes, multiple end pages are easier to manage than one with too many hidden fields.
Click + Add page, choose Ending, and set up conditions that lead to different end pages from the form’s Logic window by clicking on the + icon and dragging a connector to the corresponding end page.
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Set up custom respondent emails for a lead quiz

Go to the Settings tab, select the Notifications sidebar, open Custom emails, and click + Add respondent email.
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In the Send email to field, select the page followed by the field where respondents will provide their email.
The Reply to, Subject, and Message fields are all equipped to contain values from the quiz. For example, the subject line or message might read “Congratulations, you answered [Score / Max score] correct!”
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For even more personalized lead quiz notifications, toggle the Send conditionally? option and create custom respondent emails based on different outcomes.
One email might include an encouraging message with links to learning resources for low-scoring submissions with a corresponding condition (e.g. Score > 5). Then, click Save changes and hit + Add new to create a different message for high-scoring submissions.
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Tip: If you prefer to send formatted emails with custom styles, use Fillout’s Sendgrid or Mailchimp integrations.

Add calculations to ending pages and custom emails

Fillout’s calculations features let you add, subtract, multiply, divide, or assign values from quiz answers (e.g. suggesting a daily caloric intake based on a respondent’s weight, height, and exercise frequency).
Open the a form’s Logic window and click on the Calculations tab to add dynamic values to an ending page or respondent email.
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