Let users edit their form submissions

Fillout lets you make updatable forms. Let your users edit their answers anytime, ensuring you always have the most current information.

When do I need an editable form?

Making your forms editable improves the accuracy of the data you collect and reduces back-and-forth with your users. Common use cases includes:
  • When collecting RSVPs for an event, let users change their response if their plans change.
  • If conducting a survey, let respondents update their answers if they have new information.
  • Let users change their notification preferences down the line on a newsletter signup form.
There are a few ways to enable form edits in Fillout, depending on your needs.

Option 1: Edit link sent by email

If you want every respondent to receive an edit link, this is the best approach.
First, head to Settings and enable Respondent notifications. Make sure to toggle “Include a link to edit submission”.
notion image
When the respondent submits the form, they’ll receive an email with a clear button to Edit submission.
notion image
Learn more about respondent notifications here.

Option 2: Send response field type

If you want to make the respondent notification opt-in, use this approach instead. On your form’s ending page, drag-and-drop or click on the Send response field type.
When users submit your form, they’ll now see an option to enter their email address to receive a summary of their responses.
notion image
To include a form edit link, toggle the Include edit link switch. That’s it!
notion image

Option 3: Send an edit link manually

If you need to send an edit link to someone in particular, you can do that too.
First, head to the results tab on your form and open the submission in question. Click on the Edit submission icon and copy/paste the form link that you’re redirected to.
That link is an authenticated link. Anybody you send it to will have access to the submission and be able to update it by re-submitting the form.
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Updating integrations

With both the approaches described above, your connected 3rd-party integrations will automatically be updated whenever someone submits the edit link. For example, if your form is connected to Airtable, re-submitting the form from a respondent notification link will update the record in Airtable.
You can also set up edit links for specific integrations. See these guides or follow the same instructions for other integrations, like SmartSuite or Monday.com.
Update existing Airtable records with a form
Update existing Airtable records with a form
Update existing Notion pages with a form
Update existing Notion pages with a form

Closing the form

If you’ve sent out an edit link but no longer want to accept submissions, you can always close your form to new submissions and edits.