Embed PDFs in your forms

Attach full copies of PDFs in your survey or form with Fillout's PDF viewer feature. Respondents can see and approve documents without leaving the form.

How to display PDFs within your form

Scroll to the bottom of the left-hand panel and look for the PDF Viewer button. Click the field or drag and drop anywhere on your form.
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Note: This feature is available on Starter, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans. Learn more about our pricing plans and advanced features here.
Click on the sample PDF copy, followed by the settings icon. The right hand-panel will show where you can upload your PDF file or add a link to it. You can also change the size of the PDF on your form by editing the max height.
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Note: Files larger than 10MB cannot be uploaded, but can be added as a link.
You can also conditionally hide your PDF to only let it appear based on a respondent's choices.

How embedding PDFs can help you

Support your form with relevant documents, portfolios, reports, and more

Attaching a PDF to your form allows you to provide more information about your form's purpose or content. For example, an interior designer attaching her work portfolio to a client inquiry form gives the respondent a better understanding of their service and expertise.

Add consent forms, terms of service, and other types of agreements

Let respondents view copies of agreements in your form to give them the information they need. You can also ask for their e-signatures on the same survey or form with Fillout's signature field type.

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