Add a rating scale on your form

Allow respondents to score how good or bad a product, process, service, or other attribute is. Get quantitative feedback to determine opportunities and areas of improvement.

How to add the rating field to your form

Look for the Rating & Ranking section on the left hand-panel. Choose between Fillout's three rating field types, Star rating, Slider, and Opinion Scale. Click on your chosen field or drag and drop it anywhere on your form.
notion image
For this example, we'll choose Star rating. Type your question and statement.
Click on the question or statement followed by the settings icon to customize it.
notion image
Here you can change the color of the stars, allow half stars, and more.
If you decide to use a different type of rating field, you can quickly change it by clicking on the or three vertical dots button followed by Change field type.
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In this example, we switched from a star rating to a slider.

The difference between rating and ranking

Although similar, rating and ranking accomplish different goals. Rating questions are used to compare different options using a numeric scale. For example, asking product users how effective a vitamin C serum is in fading dark spots. Conversely, ranking questions are used to determine how strongly or weakly a respondent feels with items on a list. For example, asking respondents to rank their most and least favorite movie genre.

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