Combine and repeat forms

Connect separate forms together or allow users to re-submit a form with Fillout.

Video tutorial

Automatically redirect to any form

Go to your form's Ending page and choose the New form on the left-hand panel. Then, select the new form you want to redirect users to in the drop-down.
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Pass data between forms with URL parameters

You can pass information from the current form to the new form with URL parameters.
First, make sure you've registered the allowed URL parameters in the form you are sending users to. Details here. Go to Settings followed by URL parameters.
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Next, map the URL parameters of the new form to fields in the current form.
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In the example above, we will pass the input from the Please provide your email question to the email URL parameter of Form 2
That's it! Make sure to Publish both forms when you're ready to go live.

Let users re-submit a form

Go to your form's Ending, and drag and drop a Fill again button.
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By default, the form will restart from the first step. Enable the Start from page switch to choose a specific page to restart from.
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